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Concrete Trowel and Float Hire

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Tech Africa Hire: Your premier plant and tool hire company for all your concrete float hire and trowel hire requirements.

Concrete floats and concrete trowels are used to produce a smooth, dense, and level surface of wet concrete floors quickly and efficiently once the screeding process is complete. We pride ourselves on being a leading plant and tool company in Zimbabwe, offering a wide range of equipment and machinery for hire to help contractors, builders, and individuals. Among the wide range of equipment we offer, we are happy to introduce our Concrete Power Float Hire and Bull Float Hire services, allowing you create immaculate concrete finishes.

Bull Floats are tools that are used to spread out and smooth concrete before it’s initial set and after the screeding process. The swivel head design allows for them to be both pushed and pulled over the concrete. With the long handle of the bull float, operators can reach far out onto the concrete slab without having to get on to knee boards. The wide nature of the float itself means that operators can cover large areas quickly and easily.

Concrete Power Floats are a popular tool used on building sites to achieve a smooth level, and polished surface. Whether you are a commercial builder or a DIY enthusiast, working on large commercial projects or small residential ventures, these tools can help you achieve flawless concrete finishes quickly and effectively. Our power floats are equipped with high -performance engines that generate a powerful spinning motion, enabling them to quickly and effectively smooth and level large areas of concrete, meaning they get the job done quicker than other methods.