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Welcome to Tech Africa Hire, your one-stop destination for all your generator hire needs! With a wide range of top-of-the-line generators and a commitment to exceptional service, we are proud to be a leading generator rental company in Zimbabwe. Whether you require a short-term hire for an event or a long-term project, we have the solution for you.

With our abundance of knowledge in the generator market and generator hire in Zimbabwe you can be sure that you are in safe hands with us. We understand the crucial role that having reliable power for events, households, farms, and other industries plays. That is why we always aim to make our services convenient, efficient, and reliable for both individuals and businesses.

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Our equipment is always well maintained and undergoes regular inspections to ensure they are running in optimal condition to supply you with power when you need it most. We offer a range of generators for hire, suitable for powering tools and equipment on farms and construction sites as well as powering outdoor events, schools, farms, and much more.

Generator hire made easy

Hiring a generator is easy with Tech Africa Hire. Our user-friendly website allows you to check what products we offer, select the hire dates, and choose to have the generator delivered to you, or you can collect the generator from our warehouse. If you would prefer to make a booking over the phone or via email, simply contact us.

With our generator hire service, you also benefit from our experienced team who are always ready to assist you in selecting the right generator for your specific needs. Whether you’re unsure about what size generator you need, how long you need it for, or anything else, our knowledgeable staff will provide expert guidance.

How does a generator hire work?

Reach out to Tech Africa Hire through our website, phone, or in-person to discuss your power needs. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the available generator options based on your requirements and the nature of your event or project.

To hire a generator you need to meet our requirements and fill in the relevant application to hire forms. Once that is complete, you will then be eligible to hire.

Once we have decided on a suitable-sized generator for your requirements, depending on the size of the generator for hire, Tech Africa Hire will come to the site with our qualified electricians to perform a load test. The load test involves switching on all the equipment that will need to be powered to ensure that the hire generator is the correct size for the job. During the initial visit, we will also check the basic requirements for the generator, such as is a single-phase or three-phase generator required, where the generator be positioned, and whether is it safe to install a generator.

Once the size of the generator is confirmed, we will then deliver and connect the generator. Any additional costs to connect the generator will need to be paid by the customer.

What does it cost to hire a generator?

For our large generator for hire, we charge a per day stand-by charge. This is a fixed amount per day and varies depending on the size of the generator. the standby charge is charged to the customer whether the generator is running or not.

In addition to the standby charge, we charge a per-hour running rate. This is charged for every hour that the generator runs. The per-hour running rate is also dependent on the size of the generator that is being hired. To view the stand-by hire charges, simply click on the product and select the dates you would like to hire.