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For all your water pump hire needs, Tech Africa Hire has the right solution for you.
From submersible pumps to petrol and diesel water pumps for hire, our water pumps are ideal for almost any situation where you need to move water from one place to another. Choose from our wide range of water pumps, to ensure you have the right pump for the job. You can hire a water pump from as short as 24 hours to as long as the job requires.

Having been in the tool industry for a long time, Tech Africa Hire has selected the best tools available, this ensures that we provide you with top quality water pumps for hire every time. Water pumps are ideal for a range of applications, from being used for irrigation purposes, draining and filling swimming pools or pumping water from a borehole.

Our water pumps can be split into two main types, self-priming water (petrol and diesel) pumps and submersible pumps. Our petrol and diesel pumps consist of a suction hose, the pump housing, and a delivery diameter. The pump housing is placed outside the water, the suction hose of the pump is placed into the water and the delivery diameter can be connected to a hose that can be placed where you would you like the water to be pumped to. The pump housing contains an impeller or multiple impellers which can suck the water up the suction hose into the pump housing by creating an area of low pressure before the pump has been primed.

Our underwater or submersible pumps consists of the pump itself and the discharge pipe. The pump is fully submerged in the water that is to be displaced. The discharge pipe is connected onto the discharge port of the pump. The electric pump within the submersible pump is cooled down by the water that is being pumped through the pump, therefore, it is essential that the submersible pump stays fully submersed, or the electric motor will get damaged by overheating.

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Hiring a water pump from Tech Africa Hire is easy. To find out what pump you need to hire, speak to one our friendly team who will be able to help you find what you need. Once you know which product you are looking to hire, use our user friendly website to check our availability and book online. If you would to prefer to book over the phone or via email, simply contact us.