Jack Hammer Hire

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Jack Hammer Hire

We are thrilled to offer you our top-of-line Hilti jack hammers for hire, the ultimate solution for your demolition and construction needs. Hilti jack hammers are renowned for their durability, performance and cutting edge technology. You can be sure that our jack hammer hire services will help you get the job done.

Our Jack hammers can be used for a range of applications depending on the model including:

  • Demolishing reinforced concrete slabs, general concrete and foundations
  • Breaking/cutting asphalt in civil road construction, pipe laying and pavement repair
  • Removing concrete for structural restoration, slab extensions, rebar reinforcement and repair
  • Removing tiles, bushing and compacting
  • Corrective chiselling such as adjustments to door and window openings
  • Breaking out channels for laying pipe in plumbing applications.


Jack Hammers are powerful tools commonly used in the construction and mining industries for demolition works. Their exceptional power allows them to deliver high impact blows capable of breaking through tough construction materials such as concrete, asphalt, masonry and rock. The powerful motor drives a piston which delivers a rapid series of blows to the work surface via the chisel. This causes the material to crack and break off which allows for quick and efficient demolition. The Hilti sub-chasis active vibration reduction systems significantly reduces the vibrations allowing the operator to work for with the tools for extended periods of time.

To see the specifications of the individual products we offer, please refer to the specifications tab shown above. Depending on the model you would like to hire, some of our jack hammers come with a selection of chisels for various situations. Including pointed chisels used for chipping and demolishing concrete, flat chisels used for chipping, channeling and demolishing concrete and scaling chisels for smoothing or scraping concrete surfaces.

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At Tech Africa Hire, we focus on making our tool and plant hire convenient, efficient and reliable to all our customers. Our Jack Hammer Hire service is no exception. Our user friendly website allows you to view the tools we offer and make your booking online. If you would prefer to make a booking over the phone or via email, then please contact us. You can hire from us for as short as 24 hours or as long as the job requires. Our friendly team is on hand to help with any hire enquiries big or small, so please let us know how we can help you.


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TE 3000-AVR Heavy-Duty Electric Jackhammer For Hire

- Working direction: Floor - Tool chuck type: TE-H (Hilti HEX 28) - Weight according to EPTA Procedure 01/2003: 27.1 kg - Single impact energy: 85 J - Full hammering frequency: 858 impacts/minute - Max chiseling performance: 60000 cm³/min - Dimensions: (LxWxH)820 x 588 x 218 mm - Triaxial vibration for chiseling in concrete: 6.3 m/s - Dust removal system available: TE DRS-H - A-weighted emission sound pressure level: 95 dB (A)

Product Features

- Upgraded performance: the TE 3000 now delivers demolition power comparable to 45 kg air-powered breakers - Improved handling – 10% weight reduction and new top handle make the jackhammer easier to control and transport - Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) – vibration-damped jackhammer with two fully decoupled handles and -10% lower vibration than previous TE 3000 models - Redesigned quick change chuck – takes new Hilti TE-H chisels - Virtually maintenance-free brushless motor and triple-chamber lubrication systems for less downtime and longer lifetime