Cement Mixer Hire

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Cement Mixer Hire

When you need to mix cement, you can rely on Tech Africa Hire to provide you with the right tools to get the job done. A cement mixer is an indispensable tool for any construction project that involves mixing large quantities of concrete. Whether you are undertaking a small DIY project or managing a large-scale construction site, our cement mixer hire services are designed to deliver exceptional performance and ease of use.

Our heavy duty side tilting cement mixers are renowned within the industry for their efficiency and reliability. Mixing cement by hand can be very labor intensive and time consuming and is really only suitable for mixing small amounts of concrete.

Getting the consistency of the cement mix is key for its durability and stability once it has set. Mixing cement with a cement mixer ensures that you achieve the right consistency every time.

There are several types of concrete or mortar mixes that can be employed. Cement is the power that is used to bind the other materials together. Mortar is a mixture of cement, sand, and water. Concrete is a mixture of cement, sand, and gravel plus water. Using these elements in different proportions provides varying finish strengths and are used for different purposes.

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Choose from our range of cement mixer hire options. Our aim is to make hires accessible, easy and affordable. It is easy to hire a cement mixer from Tech Africa Hire. Simply select the product you are looking to hire, check our availability online, then choose to either collect the equipment from our store or have it delivered to you. If you prefer to make the booking over the phone or via email then simply contact us today to see how we can help you.


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- Type: Side Tilting - Capacity: Unmixed – 200 litres - Drum Speed: 22 – 26 rpm - Mix Cycle: 3 minutes - Engine 10HP - Towable (not road worthy) - Fuel: Diesel


- Chain and sprocket tilting mechanism - Sturdy taper roller drum bearings - Tilting shaft with renewable phos-bronze bushes - Replaceable mixing tools - Large drum mouth for loading - Lift eye yoke - Bolt-on ring gear - Foot tilt drum lock/release - Easy to remove drum - Ventilated canopy - Simple maintenance