Diesel Generator Hire

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Diesel Generator Hire

At Tech Africa Hire, we understand the role that a reliable power source plays for businesses and households in Zimbabwe. Power outages can be disruptive and costly, causing inconvenience and hampering productivity. That’s why we offer our range of diesel generators hire services, tailored to meet your needs. Whether you require temporary power for an event, a construction site, a farm or a business, our top of the range silent diesel generators for hire are the perfect choice for you. Our Tech Africa Generators are well known in the industry for their reliability and performance, and now you can hire them from Tech Africa Hire.

All of our hire equipment is routinely serviced and maintained to ensure that it is running at an optimal level when it is hired. We understand that each project has unique power requirements, our experienced team is always available to help you determine the right product for your specific needs. We offer a range of generator sizes and power outputs, allowing you to select the most suitable unit for your application. To see the specifications of each of the models we offer, please go to the specifications tab above.

Silent Generator Hire

When hiring a generator, ensuring that the noise is kept to a minimum is often essential. Our silent generator hire service ensures that this is possible when you hire from Tech Africa Hire. Our silent diesel generators are designed with advanced sound insulation technology, meaning they are exceptionally quite during operation. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of a powerful generator without the disturbance of excessive noise, giving you peace of mind during your hire.

Diesel Generator Hire Near Me

At Tech Africa Hire, we strive to make the hiring process as simple and hassle free as possible. To hire a diesel generator, simply book online or if you would prefer to book over the phone or via email, then you can contact us. In the unlikely event that there is an issue with the equipment during the hire, our friendly team is on always on hand to help.


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5.5KVA Diesel Generator

- Rated Power: 5.5KVA - Maximum Power: 6KVA - Fuel Type: Diesel - Fuel Tank Capacity: 15L - Fuel Consumption : 1.2L/Hr - Noise Level: 71dB (A) - Phase: Single - Continuous Run-Time: 4Hrs - Cooling Time: 2Hrs - Amperage Drawn: 24Amps

9KVA Silent Diesel Generator

- Rated Power: 8KVA - Standby Power: 9KVA - Fuel Type: Diesel - Fuel Tank Capacity: 40L - Fuel Consumption : 1.6L/Hr (@ 50% Load) - Phase: Single - Rated Current: 35A - RPM: 1500 - Dimensions: 1680x800x1050mm - Weight: 520kg - Push Button: Starting/Stop System - Super Silent