Plate Compactor Hire

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Plate Compactor Hire

Tech Africa Hire is your premier destination for plate compactor hire services in Zimbabwe. Our plate compactor hire range is your one-stop-shop for your compaction needs. Whether you’re working on a construction site, landscaping project, or any other job that requires soil compaction, we have a plate compactor to meet your requirements.

Plate compactors are heavy duty machines used to compactor soil, asphalt, gravel and other loose materials. The large steel plates on our plate compactors vibrated rapidly with the powerful engine on the machines.

The vibrations from our plate compactor serve two primary purposes. Firstly, the vibrations are transferred to the ground, causing the loose material to settle and compact by reducing the air voids between the particles. This process increases the density and stability of the material, making it more resistant to settlement, erosion and damage.

Secondly, the vibrations from our plate compactors drive the plate compactor forward which makes them easier to control and maneuver for the operator, especially on uneven or sloped surfaces.

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All our plate compactors for hire have several features that set them apart from other plate compactors for hire. They are equipt with heavy duty shock mounts that insulate the handle and the engine from vibration, allowing the machines to be operated for long periods of time. Their folding handles combined with their robust designs allow them to be neatly stored and packed away. Finally the throttle control allows the operator to adjust the engine speed to match the specific compaction requirements.

At Tech Africa Hire, we prioritize customer satisfaction. Our knowledgeable and friendly team is always ready to assist you in choosing the right compactor for hire for your specific requirements. We can provide guidance on plate compactor selection, usage, and safety precautions, ensuring that you have a seamless experience with our equipment.



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Specifications Ian Dickie VPC90ID Plate Compactor

Ian Dickie VPC90ID Plate Compactor for Hire

-Brand: Ian Dickie -Model: VPC90ID -Dimensions: L x W x H mm 540 x 440 x 600 to lifting point -Weight: 88.5 kg -Power: 3.6 Kw – Honda GX160 Petrol -Speed: 38 cm/s -Frequency: 4200 VPM -Centrifugal Force: 15 KN -Compaction Depth: 300 mm on sand


-Operates easily around corners and close up to pillars -Lifting bar and wheels for easy transport -Robust, well designed and easy to use -Folding handle for easy storage -Throttle control operates easily around corners and close up to pillars